“I have been coming from the US to see Dr. Juan Carlos for 5 years. I get much better healthcare from Dr. Juan Carlos than I do from any of the dentists that I have been to see in the states and I pay much less than I ever would in the states. The differences in prices and service are astonishing.

During my visit’s for cleanings, Dr. Juan Carlos does the work himself and examines each one of my teeth as he goes, if he is suspicious that I might have a problem, he x-rays the area and catch’s cavities early and fixes them, this is much better than having a “Dental Hygenist” do the cleaning in the states, and it’s cheaper too.  I have also had other procedures such as crowns done by Dr. Juan Carlos and I am extremely pleased with the service, price, appearance and functionality of his work.

You owe it to yourself to visit his office, not only will you save a lot of money, you will upgrade your dental healthcare immediately”.


- Doug R, Florida

“Even though I only visit Medellin a few times a year, Dr. Mejia has become my regular dentist where I have my check-ups plus any major dental work done. I was fortunate to find Dr. Juan Carlos through some other ex-pats. His service and knowledge is top notch but his prices are not. I found Dr. Juan Carlos and his staff to be very professional and friendly like you’d expect from a paisa dentist. Dr. Juan Carlos is a caring, english-speaking professional who has taught me how to care for my teeth”.
- Dan A.

“Thank you so very much for the excellent care you gave us, Howard and Martha Iskyan during our stay in Medellin.  The process of making an appointment while in the US, was seamless.  We talked to a representative of your office via “chat” on the internet and she answered all our questions beforehand. The reminders we received via internet of our appointment with you was efficient and much appreciated.

Howard was very pleased to hear that he did not need a new crown and only needed a good cleaning of his teeth. Martha had three broken crowns and you took care of that all within the 9 days that we were in Medellin. The crowns are beautiful, the same color as my other teeth (they are not all white, which is fine with me!). Of course, the overriding reason for us to choose you as our dentist was that your fees were half of what we would have paid in the US for the crowns.

Thank you and your assistant for being so gentle, kind and careful during the treatments. The only regret we have is that we cannot have you as our regular dentist back in the US or the Netherlands (where we spend the summers). If anyone would like to “talk” (via internet) to us about our experience, we will be happy to do so”.

- Howard and Martha Iskyan

“Everything with my teeth is perfect. No real pain, my gums have gotten over it already. It is totally comfortable when my mouth is shut. I believe you can read when people think it is comfortable, but you know to take it one step further, to make it perfect. You did tell me you are a perfectionist, and you did as you say. Anyway, I feel great, I will be seeing you again”.

- Anthony,  Miami

“Dr. Juan Carlos Mejia and Dr. David Arango are awesome dentists and surgeons, and just completed my first phase of 5 implants and 2 extractions, relatively painlessly! I was amazed by the gentle procedures, and the only thing that initially registered a minor sting was the needle injecting novacaine into my gums, and that was slight! I’m already getting inquiries from friends about this clinic, and referring. The fees are very reasonable considering all that I’m getting done”.

- Tim, Colorado

“I have been coming from the US  to see Dr. Juan Carlos for 4 years now. I have been so pleased with his work that I do not have a dentist in the US any longer. He, his team and his staff are exceptionally professional, hospitable and meticulous.
Juan Carlos and his team are focused on prevention and preservation rather than  extraction, which is a real shift from US dentistry. I highly recommend him for regular cleanings and maintenance as well more complex dentistry such as veneers (he did mine and I am very pleased)”.

- Stephen, Texas